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This Tesla hoverboard is what dreams are made of—but its just that.这款“特斯拉单轮电动滑板车”是所有人的梦想,但也仅此而已。If you see people on the internet freaking out over a Tesla hoverboard today, we hate to break it to you, but its fake.如果你现在看到网上有人车站在特斯拉单轮电动滑板车上看着了,我们不忍心告诉他你,但只不过都是骗的。

A video of Teslas alleged newest product was posted to YouTube, and it seems to have generated quite the buzz on social media.一段所谓特斯拉近期产品的视频被公布到了YouTube上,样子在社交媒体上引发了轩然大波。Alas, the hoverboard in the video is completely computer-generated.唉,视频中的单轮电动滑板车几乎是电脑制备的。

But then again, maybe Elon Musk will see it and decide to try to give making one a go.但还必须解释一下,有可能埃隆·马斯克不会看见这个视频,并要求试一试。Its no crazier than his flamethrowers, after all.却是这个还没他的火焰喷射器可怕。

Last February, Elon Musk sold $10 million worth of flamethrowers in four days.去年二月份埃隆·马斯克四天内售出了价值1000万美元的火焰喷射器。Musk announced that all 20,000 of the Boring Company-branded flamethrowers have sold out.马斯克宣告Boring Company生产的共20,000个火焰喷射器已销售一空。Given that they were $500 each, that means Musk moved $10 million worth in the four days since they went on sale.假设每个售价500美元,这就意味著这些产品上市后的4天内马斯克就售出了1000万美元。



Musk also announced that every flamethrower will ship with a complimentary Boring fire extinguisher.马斯克还说道每个火焰喷射器都附送“免费的Boring灭火器”。Still, not everyone is happy about the flamethrower success. Though flamethrowers are legal in America if their flames dont extend more than 10 feet, a Californian politician has said he will seek a ban on the Boring Company selling the flamethrowers in his state.但不是所有人对于火焰喷射器获得的顺利都感到高兴。虽然在美国火焰不多达10英尺的火焰喷射器是合法的,但一位加州政客说道他将在本州范围内禁令Boring Company销售火焰喷射器。



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